How to pronounce ‘Eoin’

Begin by straightening your posture, holding your shoulders back and angling your toes slightly outward. Breathe in, drawing the air to your abdomen, and then enunciate the sound of each letter in sequence.

The first letter, E, is silent. But that does not mean it should go unobserved. Think of it as a musical rest. In ancient Ireland, it was customary for people to stand holding their breath for fifteen days and nights while contemplating this letter. But in modern times, a pause of seven seconds or so is appropriate for most informal occasions.

During this silent interval, your internal monologue should be as follows: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Next is the letter O. This is in many respects the most important letter, being the initial voiced expression of Eoin, as well as the stressed syllable. It is pronounced almost like the English letter O, but with a hint of wistful roguishness.

Glide directly into the next syllable, which is composed of the letters, I and N. Combine these into a sound that is like the English preposition in, but with a very slightly softer I, as though you were about to say on but then decided against it,  and so uttered an in that comes across as somewhat ambivalent, but not irresolute.

You have now successfully pronounced Eoin.

Eoin is one of several Irish derivations from the Hebrew name Yôḥanan, which means “tyrant lizard king.”